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App Features

Almost anyone has borrowed someone money and then forgot about it. Sometimes the other person remembers, but often both forget about it. With the Who Owes Me app you can quickly add a new entry and create a weekly reminder for example.

Another great feature is expense splitting. Easily split expenses like restaurant bills, flights, hotels or anything else between multiple people.

Remember who you lent money

Never forget when and for what you borrowed someone money.

Automatic reminders

Choose a interval (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly) and get automatically reminded until you get your money back.

Split expenses between multiple people

Easily split expenses between multiple people and keep track who has to pay whom and how much.

Automatically converts between currencies

The app supports more than 155 currencies and automatically converts between them.

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Quickly Add Debts

Add new persons by entering ther name or just selecting someone from your contact book. You can add a quick description to each entry, such as "Taxi" or "Breakfast". Then add the amount in any currency you want to. The app can automatically convert amounts to your main currency.

You can setup automatic notifications so you do not forget to remind the person to pay you back the money. It is also possible to quickly add partial payments. You can also setup recurring entries which will be added again after a specified time. This could be a monthly rent for example.

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Split Expenses

Using an app to split expenses between multiple people offers several advantages, as illustrated in the context of sharing the cost of a birthday present. Firstly, it simplifies financial transactions by automatically calculating each individual's share, eliminating the need for complex manual calculations. This convenience leads to better transparency and reduces the chances of disputes or misunderstandings among friends or group members.

If there is only one expense it can be easily split between people, but if multiple people buy different things for the present at different prices it gets complicated very quickly. You can use the Who Owes Me app to solve this complexities and it will also suggest payments between the people to solve it with the minimum amount of needed transactions.

Holiday trips are another great opportunity to use an expense splitting app. Usually you have multiple people who pay different things possibly in different currencies. Most of the times it is easier if just one person pays the full amount instead of splitting hotel or restaurant bills between multiple peoples. Another bonus is that you can easily see after your trip how much money you really spent.