Who Owes Me App - Help


Personal folder overview

On the overview page you can see your folders and get an overview of the sums you borrowed someone (green) and which you owe someone (red). On the bottom you see the sum over all folders. You can add new folders by pressing the plus sign and edit or remove folders by pressing on the edit button on the top right corner

personal overview

Add a folder

Press the plus sign on the overview page and type in a name. Press on the currency button to select the default currency for this folder. The exchange rates from the settings will be applied to entries in other currencies to calculate the sum. You can also choose one of the default icons or use a image from your photo library for the folder

personal add folder

Add a debt

Press the plus sign in a folder or person overview page. A new screen with some input fields will open. You can type in the name or select a name of a contact. Then you can choose a description and an amount. You can also change the date and then you have to select if this person owes you the amount or you owe the amount to the person. If you want to get a notification you can also select one of the 4 notification types. Make sure that you activated the notification in the app settings and generally allowed the app to display notifications.

personal add debt

You can change the currency of the debt by pressing the currency symbol next to the amount.

Change debt currency

Delete a debt

To delete a debt you can swipe from right to left on the entry and then different actions will show. Choose the delete action to remove the debt from the list.

personal delete debt

Add a partial or full payment

To add a partial payment to a debt or person you can swipe from right to left on the entry and then select payment. A popup will show where you can select or input the amount of the payment. The payment will be added to the list as a paid debt and the amount will be deducted from the original debt, if the payment was not a full payment

personal partial payment personal partial payment added

Send a reminder

To send a reminder to a person you can swipe from right to left on the entry and then select remind. A popup will show where you can see the generated reminder message. You can tap on show options and select which informations you want to include in the reminder. You can also adjust the text in the textbox above. After tapping share you can send the text via any other app (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, ...) to the person.

personal send reminder

Change reminder template

You can change the reminder template in the app settings. You can see the available variables in the text above the textfield. This variables will be replaced with the data from the selected person and his debts. You can always reset the template by tapping on the reset template button on the bottom right. Remember to save your changes with the button on the top right.

personal send reminder

Share as PDF

If you want to share all the information of a folder or person as a PDF you can select the three dots on the top right in the folder/person overview. Then select the share as PDF entry. Now you can send the PDF with any other app or print it.

personal folder actions personal folder share as pdf

Set exchange rates

You can change the exchange rates for currency conversions in the app settings. You can either use the "Refresh all rates" button at the bottom to automatically load current rates for all currencies or press the refresh icon next to one currency to only refresh the rate of this specific currency. Of course you can also manually enter the exchange rate for a currency. Currencies which you already use are at the top of the list.

Exchange rates settings

See currency conversions

To calculate the sum for a folder for example, the app automatically applies exchange rates to values in other currencies. You can see the original value and the calculated values by pressing the info icon next to the sum value.

Folder sum with info icon List of converted values

Group Splitting

Split group overview

In the overview of a split group you find all saved informations. At the top you see all the persons in the group. If there are currently open debts, then the suggested payments button is shown at the bottom of the persons list. In the second list you can see all the expenses. The third list contains all the payments, which were made until now. You can collapse lists by pressing on the title. E.g. on "Persons" or "Expenses". You can press the three dots on the top right to show more actions for this group.

split group add overview

Add an expense

Select the plus near the expenses headline in a split group. Then fill out all the description, amount and date. Now select one or more Payers. This are the persons who paid for the expense. You can also set different amounts between multiple payers. Next select the persons between the expense is split. Here you can also change the amount for each person individually.

split group add expense split group add expense with data

Change expense currency

You can tap on the currency symbol next to the amount to change the currency of an expense or payment. Just select the currency from the list and press save.

split group change expense currency Select currency

Add a payment

Select the plus near the payments headline in a split group. Now you can select a payer and a recipient. Next to the payers is their current balance in the group. After you select a payer the current difference (if there is one) is shown next to the recipient name. Then select an amount and payment date.

split group add payment

Suggested payments

You can press the suggested payments button under the persons to get a list of payments to settle all the open debts. The app will show as few payments as possible. You don't have to calculate all the open debts between all persons. You can select on or more payments to add them to the payments list.

split group add payment

Share as PDF

If you want to share all the information of a group as a PDF you can select the three dots on the top right in the group. Then select the share as PDF entry. Now you can send the PDF with any other app or print it.

split group actions split group share as pdf